Sushi Description

Sushi: Cold rice dressed with vinegar, formed into any of various shapes, and garnished especially with bits of raw seafood or vegetables.

Teppanyaki: A Japanese dish of meat, fish, or vegetables cooked on a large griddle usually built into the table.

Nori: (海苔?) is the Japanese name for various edible seaweed species of the red alga Porphyra including most notably P. yezoensis and P. tenera, sometimes called laver.

Hosomaki:(細巻) is a small cylindrical piece, with the nori on the outside. They generally contain only one filling, often tuna, cucumber, thinly sliced carrots, or, more recently, avocado.

Makimono: (巻寿司, "rolled sushi") is a cylindrical piece, formed with the help of a bamboo mat, called a makisu (巻簾). Makimono is generally wrapped in nori, but can occasionally be found wrapped in a thin omelette, soy paper, cucumber, or parsley. Makimono is usually cut into six or eight pieces, which constitutes a single roll order.